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The Bioplanning Institute is dedicated to organizing conferences, events, and panel discussions that bring together founding members, scholars, urban planners, architects, and other experts. We actively participate in a variety of conferences, TED talks, and other events centered on sustainability, the future of urban planning, and global initiatives such as COP 28, Tomorrow, and FII Summit. Our goal is to foster insightful dialogues and collaborations that drive the advancement of sustainable and innovative city planning worldwide.

Events & Speaking

Next-Generation Urbanism: Panel Discussion 

In May 2016, The Bioplanning Institute hosted an intimate panel discussion featuring world-renowned urbanists and designers, including some of the Institute's founding members at Spring Place in New York. The esteemed panelists were Dror Benshetrit, CEO of Supernature Labs; Winka Dubbeldam, Chair at UPenn; Carlos Moreno, author of the 15-Minute City concept and founder of Architectonica; and Catherine Gall, Director of the IAE Research Lab at Sorbonne. The discussion was moderated by Sofya Krasnaya, Head of Research Programs at The Bioplanning Institute.


Building cities with ecological harmony, Dror Benshetrit, TEDxAmazonia

An introduction to Bioplanning by Dror Benshetrit at TEDxAmazonia, November 2023

Supernature Labs COP28

October, 2023

Rethinking cities through life-centric design: COP28

October, 2023

Dror Benshetrit on Ecological Urban Planning for Tomorrow, Love Tomorrow Conference 2023

Love Tomorrow Conference, August 2023

FII Priority Summit NYC, UNGA, Dror Benshetrit

October, 2022

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